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Respect is Admiration With a Reason

Respect is admiration with a reason – Dan Rockwell, The Leadership Freak. This is the best definition of respect I’ve ever seen.  Everyone wants respect…

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Learning Big from Bad Experiences

I’m so disheartened when I hear people say “Oh we tried that it and didn’t work.” The end. Really?  Ok so you tried that and…

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Growth Has to be Intentional

You have Potential. Yes you, you have BIG potential.  Just take this word in and let it soak a while.  Potential is a word that fills…

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It Costs To Do Nothing!

In the last quarter, I’ve trained hundreds of people on the basics of personal and professional leadership. When asked, an overwhelming 99% said they thought…

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Just One Win

When someone is hollering at you “You can DO this, I KNOW you’ve got this, do it for the TEAM.” It’s hard … very hard…

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7 Strategies to Magnify℠ Your Influence

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