Time to Kick the Monsters Out of Your Closet

It’s 3am, the room is dark and my eyes pop open.  Just like that I’m wide awake thinking. Are you kidding me, again!?  This is…

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Time To Deal With Your Brain Trash

YES, we are here!  We are in the first month of 2020!  It is a whole new decade, time to do this thing we’ve been…

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Telling ourselves we are working when we are just wasting time being afraid…

When I left my nursing career over 5 years ago I’d never heard of email lists, ad campaigns, speak to sell and the list goes…

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If You Think You Can, You Can!

A key factor in how we live, comes down to the way we think. Are you someone who thinks abundantly? Or are you someone who…

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Committing to and Achieving Your Goals

While taking consistent action is what makes the change you can see and feel, without a doubt the most difficult part is making the committed…

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7 Strategies to Magnify℠ Your Influence

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