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Business Goals

Respect is Admiration With a Reason

Respect is admiration with a reason – Dan Rockwell, The Leadership Freak. This is the best definition of respect I’ve ever seen.  Everyone wants respect but do we really know what it is and how to get earn it?  Learning what great leaders do to gain respect from others is one of the best steps…

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It Costs To Do Nothing!

In the last quarter, I’ve trained hundreds of people on the basics of personal and professional leadership. When asked, an overwhelming 99% said they thought studying the type of material presented would help them and help their company achieve better results. They were right. According to Saratoga Institute, most organizations are operating with a 5%…

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Just One Win

When someone is hollering at you “You can DO this, I KNOW you’ve got this, do it for the TEAM.” It’s hard … very hard to let them down. Those are the words I heard 34 years ago at Redstone Arsenal, AL as my 1st Sgt rooted me on during our annual Physical Training Test. …

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Successful Leaders are Great Followers

We often hear that being a good leader takes great communication skills, ability to see the long term goal, make the hard decisions when needed and so much more.  But we rarely talk about the fact that in order to be a good leader you have to know how to follow. Why is it important…

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How Do I Get from Charcoal to Diamond!

A diamond is just a piece of charcoal that handled stress exceptionally well. – Unknown Last summer I attended a Women’s Conference in Dallas, TX that focuses on helping women entrepreneurs to believe in themselves more, think bigger and up-level their businesses. While I was there, I had more creative ideas than I’ve had in…

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