Committing to and Achieving Your Goals

While taking consistent action is what makes the change you can see and feel, without a doubt the most difficult part is making the committed decision in the first place. If you notice, I said committed decision.     


Multiple times a day we can get shiny objects syndrome.  We think about all of the things we might want to do, have, be, possess etc. We say, ” I’d love to have that SUV, travel to that place, buy that house, work in a different job, be skinnier, make more money …” but once in awhile one of those dreams sticks. I mean it really gets inside of you and becomes an obsession!  You daydream about it when you are working, and wake up at night making lists and emailing people like a crazy person! This IS the magic! And until you have have these kind of thoughts, you are merely tempting yourself with fantasy.  If the dream is bigger than anything you’ve ever considered before, if it scares the hell out of you, if it’s something you’ve thought of but it’s never taken on a life of its own until now, then you are on the right path. You are HERE and you are READY!


When I was a Weight Watchers Leader, I saw it time and time again.  We get into a false sense of our own commitment, “If I pay a monthly fee I’ll stop eating all of the junk I put into my body.”  I have a friend that owns a fitness center and she has seen it too “If pay a monthly fee for time at the gym I WILL work out.” It’s a sneaky little lie we believe, because it seems like it should work.  We’re shelling out money right! We don’t want to lose the money right! WRONG! The truth is, if you wanted it more than anything else you would not have to pay a single cent. Not a penny. You would not need a group to help you lose weight or a fitness center to help you workout.  You’d google recipes, cook the right things, say no to bad food and you’d lose the weight. You’d find some streaming video somewhere to do fitness workouts and drive your family crazy at 5am with the noise and you’d buy cold weather gear to walk outside during the winter. Whatever it took you’d do it.  Because your decision would be cemented. Unwavering. Bound tight. We’ve seen others do it and we’ve done it ourselves. 


And so it is with this dream you’ve been thinking about.  It doesn’t matter the size of the dream! Stop and think – How bad do I want this?  How far am I willing to go? What am I willing to do? You are strong, you have conviction, you are tenacious – you only need your dream present inside of you combined with fire!  As Mel Robbins says, stop waiting for inspiration and motivation, the fact that we should wait until we are all inspired is crap. Oftentimes motivation actually comes from making a decision and then starting to work on that goal!  It’s actually THE THING that gets you moving AND rip-raring to do it! Don’t wait! Go for it! Make that commitment and create that ALL-IN culture in your heart, your mind, your spirit, and your body. It’s the secret sauce that will help you to keep going when the road gets tough.  


Have an amazing week,



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