Growth Has to be Intentional

You have Potential. Yes you, you have BIG potential.  Just take this word in and let it soak a while.  Potential is a word that fills us with hope, thoughts of what could be.  Our dreams, goals, our life’s aspirations.  Hearing someone say, “Oh they have so much potential!” makes us feel like there is a chance to change our circumstances, our life!  Those circumstances may be the car we drive, the money we make, the love we are looking for, or any number of other things we dream of.

Have you been thinking about your potential?  About your dreams? The ones you had when you were young but got derailed?  Or maybe new ones? Those dreams are just that, dreams until you put a plan into place. Then, and only then do they become actual goals that are attainable.  We must be intentional about how we grow, every day.  Napoleon Hill, author of one of the most famous personal development and self-improvement books of all time, Think and Grow Rich, says “Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire, and begin at once whether you are ready or not, to put this plan into action.”

When we learn about people that have attained huge successes we always find that they worked hard. Really hard. They put the time in, they sacrificed and they always had some sort of struggle.  Such is the story of Simone Biles, the first U.S. Olympic gymnast to win four gold medals in a single Olympics.  In her autobiography Courage to Soar, she tells that she had moments so difficult she almost gave up. So many people around her wouldn’t let her. “I did say ‘no’ a lot of times. That’s when they had to fling me in the air and force me to do it,” she said.

Growth only happens when we are intentional.  This is one tool that Simone used to make her growth intentional, “Every year on January 1st or within that week, my mom would bring me into her office, and she would make me write down my short-term goals for that year and my long-term goals. So every year built to the pace of where I wanted to be in 2016,”.

What are your goals?  Have you made plans to achieve them? If not, what is stopping you?  There are many excuses we use, all of us. Such as “It’s not the right time” or “I’m afraid of making a mistake” or my personal favorite “I have to get it all perfect before I can start.”  Hogwash.

My response to those excuses? First one – When is the right time?  When I was young I heard an older couple say “If you wait to have kids until you have the money, you’ll never have kids.”  Just do it! (not necessarily talking about babies 🙂 )  Second excuse – We’re all afraid, of so much.  If you’re not afraid, your goal isn’t big enough!  Get going!  Third excuse –  Ha ha!  This is my favorite, ugh!  How much time and money have I wasted trying to get things perfect?  It’ll never be perfect! My new favorite saying is “Done is better than perfect.”  Move it!

Here’s to you and your goals. May they be big and worthy of all you have to give them!

Until next week,


Photo by Daniel Hjalmarsson on Unsplash


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