If You Think You Can, You Can!

A key factor in how we live, comes down to the way we think. Are you someone who thinks abundantly? Or are you someone who believes there is just enough…not too much…not too little, but….just enough.

One of the biggest problems with achieving goals is the belief that we can. The biggest difference between successful and unsuccessful is that successful people are determined to make their actions work for them, rather than playing the role of the victim and looking at all the reasons why a situation won’t work.

Do you believe in yourself?  It’s a simple question and I’m guessing most people would say that they do, I mean of course!  But do you really? Have you taken a deeper look and asked yourself if you believe in what you are doing, believe that you can? Look at the way you think about new projects and ideas that you’ve never heard before. Be honest, do you first think about them positively, with excitement, energy, and massive anticipation? Or maybe you get overwhelmed with self-doubt, you worry about all of the reasons why it won’t work and call yourself a “Devil’s Advocate”?  Do you wonder what others will think of you if you try this new thing?

I so admire people that don’t worry about what others think!  They just do what they do because they are inspired to do it. I struggle with this everyday.  It’s the reason I read books on overcoming limiting beliefs and creating paradigm shifts.

About 2 weeks ago my sweetheart Wayne and I watched a documentary called “The Game Changers”.  It wasn’t my choice, it was Wayne’s, which in and of itself is a bit crazy because this documentary is about changing everything you think about food and eating only a plant-based diet…  Wayne is a lifelong fisherman and hunter. He is the carnivore king. He loves meat to his core and I mean To. His. Core. BUT he also has high cholesterol and he was recently told by a doctor he should go on medication.  After watching this documentary, he looks at me and says “We have to do this.” So the next day, we did. [a big rule in goal achieving? Find people that support you! 🙂 ]

He told the kids, his friends and even the guys he works with… a couple even made fun of him.  But, once Wayne decides on something, there’s no turning back. No meat (not even fish or chicken) and no dairy!  WHAT?! Wayne is from WI and I’m a good ol’ midwestern farm girl, no dairy?! Absolutely right … no sour cream, no milk, no ice cream and worst of all no cheese! I’m still working on the yogurt thing and Wayne is still eating eggs, but we are a work in progress.

It would have been easier to believe that aliens had just landed in our yard than believe that Wayne, would give up meat and dairy!

So why now you ask, why would he do it now?  A funny thing has happened to us. We became grandparents. And well, those little suckers really do a number on you.  All of a sudden, checking out of this life early just because of saturated fat doesn’t make as much sense anymore.

So, a goal made late on a Saturday night has been kept (thus far, we’ll be checking cholesterol levels in a few months), because he believes he can do it.  He doesn’t care what others think. He has good support. And he has a purpose.

Do your goals align with your thoughts?  If you aren’t sure, take some inventory, then realign, adjust, tweak, learn, educate yourself, but keep going and don’t give up. Do not waiver from growth just because you have to keep checking the road and re-adjusting your map.  Find that purpose, the reason it will all make sense, and keep taking actionable steps toward your goal. Each step in the right direction, even if they are small steps, help you see further in that direction. Then remind yourself daily why you want it and you’ll keep that goal alive and attainable!

We’ll talk soon,
~Irmadene ~


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