Irmadene Hanson is the CEO of Straight Up Leadership, a Personal Growth & Development Company. A sought after team consultant, workshop trainer, and coach, she is well versed in individual & team relationships and in the importance of asking key questions business leaders don’t ask themselves. Irmadene brings deep experience in leadership development, communication, team building, and facilitation with her. She is certified with The John Maxwell Team, a worldwide leadership training company.


 TRUST is the foundation of great relationships, it is stored & nurtured like money in a bank account. It's the most important business and brand asset that you manage in relationships with customers, clients, employees, and stakeholders. When it is reciprocal it allows all parties to be honest & even vulnerable about what we think, want and need. Irmadene helps companies grow in their understanding & implementation of the Law of Solid Ground.


Dale Carnegie wrote that there are three stages of professional business interactions for building productive work relationships; building & strengthening relationships, enhancing teamwork, and influencing employees’ ownership of change. Irmadene works with leaders to CONNECT with their people by touching a heart before they ask for a hand.  When leaders show they care about the success of their followers, they get buy-in and comittment!


 Leadership is Influence nothing more and nothing less.  Whenever your life connects with another person, you exert influence. No matter what your goals in life are, you can achieve them faster, be more effective, and your contributions will be longer-lasting if you learn to develop your INFLUENCE. With Irmadene's help, leaders learn the payoffs of honing these skills and adding value to others. 


Irmadene knows first-hand how leadership is the key to business effectiveness and growth. As a national consultant, she's mentored leaders to develop their teams and has guided training for thousands of team members. Building on this success, she became an Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team, certified in leadership speaking, training, & coaching.  

Irmadene has a passion for developing managers to become the leaders they were meant to be.  From the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership workshop to 1:1 Coaching and teaching how to have Critical Conversations, she's helped hundreds of leaders maintain a high standard by conveying trust and compassion.   



Explore your team's abilities in growth, influence, crucial conversations, communication, sales & more with Irmadene, as she uses experiential training tools such as The Leadership Game, People Bingo, Wordles and more.  Everyone loves playing games and it takes the learning to a new level when the team is comfortable and open-minded.  Irmadene will facilitate games and train, as well as give you an Executive Debrief of the areas of growth for your team.



Built on the principles of leadership expert 

John C. Maxwell and using a D.I.S.C. based Assessment tool, these reports provide keen insight into each team member's individual style in topics such as communication, career, sales, and growth. Each Report is designed to unlock key information that can help you better understand yourself & others. When you can work together easily it increases job satisfaction, retention, productivity, and the bottom line. 



 While training seminars and boot camps can equip you with information and technical skills, working with a coach takes it to a whole new level. Working with Irmadene will help you grow your confidence in interpersonal skills while still having someone with experience walk through your decisions with you.  New managers can develop into high performing future leaders, or, they can flail and fail – costing your company hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

"I have worked with Irmadene and she brings with her an extensive background in Leadership. I appreciate her recognizing the value that each person contributes to the team. Irmadene has an infectious positive attitude and her ability to capture the attention of any audience large or small is commendable. I would highly recommend Irmadene for any of your leadership, coaching or facilitation needs."

Kris Neff, COO, Guardian Angels

Irmadene connects with people in a “real” way whether it is 1:1 or in a group setting. She gains trust with others quickly and is able to positively influence them to change and grow. She knows the challenges and rewards of being a leader and the stories she tells about her personal experience as a leader helps people see how they, too, can become leaders who make a difference."

Carol Kvidt, Sr Regional Dir, Operations, Ecumen