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Developing the Leader within You 2.0

The good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome. John Maxwell’s seen it all. He’s taught and studied leadership for decades and put it all together in this update of his 1993 classic.

He believes great leaders are made, not born. Everyone has what it takes because “Leadership is influence. That’s it. Nothing more; nothing less.” Maxwell shows us how to become leaders and better leaders through key principles, tools and relatable examples.

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Developing the Leader within You 2.0 by John C. Maxwell
Good Leaders ask Great Questions by John C. Maxwell

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

Don't assume. Ask. How many times have we heard this? But it bears repeating, especially for leaders. Questions are at the heart of growth for ourselves and our teams. They help us learn, grow and develop. They also uncover ideas that might not have surfaced any other way.

In this book, John Maxwell shows you how to ask the kind of questions that bring out the best in you and your team. Questions that will improve your leadership. His examples, gathered from other leaders and his own experience, will inspire and motivate you to regularly ask your own great questions.

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