Planning for your Goals!

Two days ago I went out snowshoeing in our woods, what a beautiful December day!  I love spending time on the walking paths we’ve cleared over the years, they’ve become a favorite place for me to meander, to think and dream!  It seems I’m not the only one, with the new snow I could see countless deer, rabbit, squirrel and even coyote tracks! I enjoy the exercise and bathing in the forest for mind health, now with only 3-5 inches of snow the paths were fairly easy to walk.  


A bit of a back story, my neighbor Becky and I walk in the summer before work at 5:15 most mornings.  As we were walking we talked about snowshoeing to keep up our exercise in the cold months of the year.  We thought it would be so much fun to invite friends and family to come to my farm and snowshoe by moonlight in January or February.  As we discussed that she said that we really need to make sure we keep the snow packed down so we need to start walking right after it snows each time.  When we get more snow, it becomes really hard to cut a path so starting now is part of a bigger plan, a plan to keep one of my favorite places open to family and friends all winter.


As I was out in the woods yesterday, I thought about 2020 and how it is looming ever closer.  Wow we are in the last month of the decade, that’s crazy! It’s the time of year everyone starts thinking about a new year’s resolutions, goals and dreams.  Or maybe it’s just me ha ha! If not I want you to start thinking now. My friend Becky and I (and Patty, she lives down the road and has snowshoes too!) are preparing now for something we want to do in 2 months.  We are working at creating clear paths to use easily when we snowshoe by candlelight next February.  


That’s how we need to prepare for goals!  Ahead of time! If you want to ask for a raise, quit smoking, lose weight, start your own side hustle, what do you do?  You research and start laying the groundwork to do something you’ve not achieved yet. If you have goals for 2020 and go into the new year without a plan, it’s like a soldier going into battle without any protective gear wondering how on earth they got shot!   


I want you to succeed in your life, I want to help add value to you!  Isn’t that what we are here for, to help others be the best they can be?  Adding value to leaders (and that is YOU because EVERYONE is a leader) is my life’s work and that is so you can go and multiply value to others!  


So like my friends and I snowshoeing now for a party in February, think about what you want in this life and make a plan, start the groundwork, take action of some sort, anything, just DO something!  The next decade has so many amazing things just waiting for you to reach out and grab them!  


Bye for now,


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